Wednesday, 30 November 2011

beforemakeup comes thebase

I'm going to start with skincare for the face and then go on to skincare for the body as I believe you cannot enhance what you have until the base of what you have is looking it's best.

Over the years i have tried and tested thousands (yes, literally thousands) of different facial skincare products and have finally found ones that are staples in my bathroom cabinet and in my wash bag. 

I like to keep different products in 3 seperate places ; the products I use morning and night everyday I keep in a washbag, the products I use once or twice a week, or less than twice a month i keep in my cabinet and then in my shower i keep my everyday products for my body. By keeping everything seperate you gain more of a regime for your skin.

So, try to think of your skincare regime as a way to create a good base before using make up to enhance your natural features. 

I will set up a different blog for different products including facial skincare, body skincare, make up, hair products and any other little bits.


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