Tuesday, 10 January 2012

in a spot ofbother

Hey everyone,

This blog post is all about spots, the misconceptions of spots and the way I got rid of mine. Read on...you may be surprised!

In 2010 I gradually became inundated with spots. Angry, red spots which appeared all over my chin, around my mouth and on my cheeks.

For someone who is obsessed with their skin, this was a disaster. My friends listened to me moan on an on about how horrible they were and they genuinlely made me feel ugly and I lost a lot of self confidence. It really is crazy how a few spots can make you feel.

I tried everything ; creams, lotions, face masks, sleeping loads, drinking lots of water, eating healthily. Nothing changed.

Eventually, I went to the doctors to see if they could help me out. This is where things got interesting.

Turns out that hormones play a MASSIVE part in the condition of your skin and having not been on any contraceptive pill for a couple of years, my skin was showing that I needed these extra hormones to improve the condition of my skin.

It really is a massive misconception that bad skin is due to not cleaning your face properly, although cleaning it properly helps a lot.

So if you have tried all the products in the world and your skin is not improving, go and see your doctor. You may need to go onto the pill or change your pill.

I was given a cream which literally changed me life. Duac Once Daily cleared my skin in a matter of days. Combining that with a change in pill, transformed my skin. It is to be applied at nighttime and precautions must be taken as it is very strong. I was advised to pop a towel down on my pillow before I went to sleep as the product contains bleach which can bleach material. I forgot to do this a couple of nights and my lovely Laura Ashley pillow covers are no more. The cream can leave your skin very dry so I used plenty of moisturiser in the morning once I had washed it off. If you use it for a month solid it will clear your skin up and I find I only use it once in a while now when I can feel an angry red spot rearing it's ugly head!

Another point I need to stress, from personal experience is that by dosing your skin in heaps of products can actually make it worse. Over exfoliating and over use of chemicals on your skin can actually dry it out causing your skin to over produce oil which leads to spots.

I tend to use a Tea Tree face mask these days which seem to help keep usual spots and blemishes at bay. I have stuck with the Tea Tree one from The Body Shop and use it once a week if I can. It costs around £3 and does the job. Your skin will feel fresh and really clean after just one use.

My spots have completley cleared up now, apart from the odd one, which is normal for everyone. I have been left with a few scars that need makeup to be covered however, a bit of sunshine usually helps and I am looking into Microdermabrasion which is great for pigmentation, scars, wrinkles etc. Sands Salon in Broughton has just started to offer treatments like Microdermabrasion so pop in and have a chat with Louise.

Hope youve enjoyed this and that it has helped anyone who is suffering from spots - I know its not the nicest of topics but a topic which needed to be addressed. My next post, which I keep getting asked about is the foundations, tinted moisturisers and concealers! Look out for it!


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