Tuesday, 10 January 2012

stoppress theperfect product


I've found it. The perfect skin product. Well, I didn't exactly find it I was recommended it, and wow what a recommendation!

Everyone has been talking about 'BB' creams but I had no idea quite why, until now.

BB cream is almost like a tinted moisturiser but a hell of a lot more. BB stands for Blemish Balm and they are basically hybrid products that combine beneficial skin care with makeup - perfect! They have become massive because of their 'all in one' qualities.

It gives a dewy, light coverage, and completely removes blemishes and pigments in one swoop! I've mixed it with a touch of foundation and the dewy glow has lasted all day long. My skin looked luminous, smoother and I had really even pigmentation. You can use it on its own for a fresh, dewy natural look or mix it with your foundation like I have for the best of both worlds!

This product is great for anyone who suffers from dry skin, blemishes and for the more mature woman, wrinkles as it helps to prevent and help all of the above.

After just 2 uses, my skin feels and looks better when I have it on during the day but also a night time when I remove my makeup my skin feels softer and looks clearer and fresher!

The one that I have tried is the one that is meant to be the best and I can honestly say it is one of the best things I have ever tried. For a VERY modest £9.99 from any Boots store, Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector is my new favourite thing! Thanks Taylor for the recommendation!



  1. This is why I love your blog, Ive been looking at this for a couple of weeks because I suffer from dry skin and adult acne.. Nothing seems to give me the cover needed without setting off another round of horrible spots :-( You've been so right about everything else in your blogs that Im now happy to go and buy this and am confident that it will work! Thanks Neve! xxx

  2. Thank you so much Hannah, your comment has made my day! Really glad you are enjoying my blog and getting some tips and advice from it! you mention you have dry skin, me too! What I can recommend is something I recently discovered ; Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil. It is amazing for dry skin! I pop it on my face at night time after thoroughly cleansing. You will see a difference almost straight away. My skin feel so more manageable and more dewy. Give it a go, it has really changed my skin! xxxx

  3. I'll def look into getting that - sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing all the tips you've picked up over the years for those of us that are pretty useless at this! Tee hee! Keep up the good work! Xx

  4. Gonna buy this today, cheers neve x

  5. Have been using this for 2 weeks now and totally agree that it is AMAZING! x

  6. literally LOVE this! just brought the 'medium' colour for when I have a tan! amazing! xxxxx