Tuesday, 3 January 2012

newbeauty treats

Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven't blogged in ages but this time of year is always so busy! But do not fret, over the Christmas period I have been on the hunt for more brilliant beauty products and have done all the hard work and tried and tested them for you!

So a few little buys which wont set you back too much and that you can spend your Christmas money on......

Still in pursuit of the best Body exfoliator after the tragic discontinuation of my beloved Elle MacPhearson SOS, I have managed to rustle up a couple which I've got to admit have come pretty close.

I have recently discovered Sanctuary Salt Scrub Sachets which are a modest £2 and can be purchased from any Boots store. They are brilliant. They smell amazing and leave your skin feeling brand spanking new! A great treat for dry, dehydrated skin brought on by the cold winter weather.
These little sachets do only last 1 use but as they are so cheap I stock up on them. I use them after I have washed my skin with shower gel using either exfoliating gloves, my own fair hands or an exfoliating sponge. Start on your arms with a handful and work your way down your body and through the sachet. The results are dreamy. The salt particles really work to remove all your dead skin cells and the sachets contain Sea Salt and lots of yummy mineral oils which are well known for the best skin exfoliation.

My second fab exfoliator is new and I spotted it in Boots the second I walked in and is by a company well known for its excellence in body care. Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Cocoa Body Scrub smells delicious and really works and is very cheap at around £4 for a tub. I tend to use that in collaboration with the Sanctuary Salt Scrub as it is more creamy and is very moisturising. I use them together as I tend to find using a vigourous salt scrub can dry your skin out a bit so you need a moisturising scrub to pop back some moisture into your skin. I have applied it to my skin using my hands and exfoliating gloves after to get a really good result!

The next little treat is a facial exfoliator and is by Lancome. I was totally unaware of its existance, which came as a shock, and I now cannot imagine my life without it! Lancome Exfoliance Clarte ( Fresh Exfoliating Clarifying Gel to use mere mortals!) is applied onto wet skin and much like my body exfoliating routine I mix it with A small amount of St Ives Invigorating Facial Scrub for baby soft skin. it comes in a delightful baby blue tube and costs around £16 - really worth that bit of extra cash trust me! Try it for yourself - you will love it, my skin has never felt so soft!

A little hair duo which I have been using for about a month now - given to me by my trusty hairdresser and miracle worker Erica Walters. (If you ever need someone who really understands hair, she is your best bet! She works at Universal Hair Studios which have salons in Broughton and Grange Farm. Contact me for her details but be warned she may make you let her snip of your dead ends, heartbreaking I know,but always for the best I am told! ). Erica recommended this shampoo and deep conditioner to me after I had had a few highlights put in my hair. The bleach had slightly damaged the condition of my hair and it needed a boost!
The shampoo is L'oreal Professionnel and can only be found in salons. It is called Force Vector Glycocell and is pure protein which means it reinforces your hair making it shiny, manageable and healthy! I use this with the Conditioning Mask which I pop on before I use a normal conditioner as that is when the hair cuticles are open, straight after shampooing. Try this combo and your hair will never have looked so healthy! They smell delicious too!

Another little hair treat I found in Boots. Its new...and FAB! Vo5 has never really worked for me apart from their hot oil treatments, but this deep conditioning treatment is amazing. Vo5 'Treat Me Right' (very witty) mask is so thick and creamy and really really works. My hair is so soft and so much easier to manage after using this! I use it in conjuction with the L'oreal Force Vector treatment for a really extra boost! Pop them both on for 10 minutes while you exfoliate and rinse out. Your hair will look, feel and smell incredible.

A little body treat I stumbled upon is part of the Elle MacPhearson BARE collection which I have raved about for years. It is her Ultimate Moisture Body Butter which does exactly what is says on the tub!  Its so thick and creamy and can moisturise the driest of skins in seconds. This is an absolute must for this time of year as our skin is dried out and neglected! I use this after exfoliation and after using my Baby Oil damp skin trick ( refer to older post on body care) and then pop a dressing gown on for a few minutes whilst it soaks in. Do this for the next few weeks and your skin will feel completely different. Come on girls remember it's only 4 months till summer - we need to start prepping now! This body butter can be found in any Boots stores with all the Sanctuary and Elle Macphearson body treats.

Last but certainly not least is a little gem by the fantastic Soap and Glory. I have to be honest when I say I don't like many of their products but they do smell gorgeous. I have sworn by their concealer for years but not much else...until this popped up. The Fab Pore Facial Peel - TRY IT. AMAZING results. It can be found in any Boots stores around the country.

Hope you've enjoyed a little update which will get you all prepped for the New Year ahead. I will be blogging a lot more now Christmas is out the way so keep a look out for all those great beauty buys and tips and tricks I have learnt over the years.


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